How are a traffic light, a pharmacy sign, the garish lights of an ambulance, and an LED billboard alike? Well, in its annoying and aggressive light. They are devices designed to look good during the day, but their night operation was not adapted: at night they give out 10 times more light than is convenient, and they dazzle so much that they force us to look elsewhere. They are examples of a general trend: to install uncontrolled light everywhere. Also where or when it is not necessary. And where it’s needed, power is put in without moderation, without concern if it invades someone else’s space, or if it turns on longer than necessary. From the sum of thousands of disproportionate, superfluous lights, this is how light pollution is everywhere. Most people don’t know that this disturbs the environment, spoils the habitat of countless species. And what’s worse —many don’t know it yet— harms human health, compromises the day/night regulation of the body, insidiously makes us sick.

Juan Antonio Alduncin Garrido. Andoain (Guipuzcoa)

towards privatization

A few days ago, an event involving a pediatric patient who ended up in the ICU after poor preparation of a drug by the nurse was published in this medium. It should be noted how privately managed public centers in Madrid keep staff in a state of continuous stress that leads to these errors. Lack of training, exorbitant ratios, unworthy wages, lack of rest… It is the work routine of the million-dollar concessions that are privatizing the health system. A progressive way of classifying the population between those who can afford a good service and those who must adapt to the remains.

Marcos Pastor Galan. Alovera (Guadalajara)


I have always loved sweets. For as long as I can remember, my mother, the person who brought me into the world and who has accompanied me throughout all these years, as much a fan of desserts as I am, has always left me a little piece of hers so I can try it. . It is a simple sacrifice, a detail that goes unnoticed on many occasions, but not by me. This afternoon has been the last time that my mother has reserved part of her dessert for me, and I have been aware again of what we owe to mothers. For leaving us part of her sweet, for accompanying us, for not losing her smile. To all mothers, and especially mine: thank you.

Juan Sanchez Cano. Madrid

act now

We are all aware of the influence of social networks in society, and yet, nobody does anything to protect the youngest. Many children today have unlimited access to social networks before even forging their own personality. The consequences? The lack of originality and judgment that many young people currently suffer. Social pressure makes us forget the opinion of experts, who recommend that the minimum age of users be at least 16 years. Even when?

Jorge Lopez Puebla. Madrid

By Nail

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