Barely a month ago, on March 3, Ana García Obregón told me in an interview that she was dead in life and I believed her at face value. Fifteen years ago, Juan José Cortés confessed exactly the same thing months after losing his little Mari Luz at the hands of a murderous pedophile: “I walk, eat, breathe, but I’m in a coma,” he said, looking into his eyes, without a shadow of doubt. It moves the soul to see that the mothers and fathers of prematurely dead children express in that identical and terrible way their way of remaining in this world after burying their children. They do not live, they say: they vegetate. Nobody is the one to judge them. Only they know the intimate devastation that this tragedy produces. The rest of us can only imagine it, tremble with fear and touch wood. That close and cold March day, three years after the death of her son, Aless, at the age of 27, after two years of fighting cancer, Ana Obregón also declared that her best moment of the day was when she went to bed. , because he lost consciousness for a few hours. And that, in all this time, she had not spent a euro on pills to anesthetize her pain because duels have to be gone through bareback and, if the wound hurts more every day, it is because the cure has been chosen.

I confess that when I see Ana on the cover of the magazine Hello! picking up his new daughter from a hospital in Miami, gestated by a surrogate in exchange for a not small amount of money, I debated for a while between stupor and sorrow until compassion won the game. Because the truly devastating thing about this story is that it can all be true. That Ana is dead in life. Let her breathe through the wound. And that, to try to endure what remains of her existence, she has decided to get a human being as palliative treatment. Let’s not forget that she, besides her son, she has buried her father and her mother in a couple of years. I won’t be the one to stone her. I only hope that Ana García Obregón, her daughter, the baby on her behalf, gestated for nine months by a third woman used for this purpose, she does not inherit, in addition to her name and surname, the sad fate of her poor rich girl

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