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The Tax Agency will close next Friday, March 31, the period to request direct aid of 200 euros for families with a low level of income and assets, which the Government approved with the aim of helping the most vulnerable households to cope with the inflation.

Households interested in this benefit have, therefore, only one more week to fill out the electronic form available at the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency. For this, it is necessary to have a Cl@ve, electronic certificate or DNI-e, although a third party can also submit the form by proxy or social collaboration.

In order to access this check, applicants must meet a series of requirements. First of all, they must be habitual residents, that is, they must stay for more than 183 days or have the main nucleus of the activity in Spanish territory.

In addition, they cannot exceed 27,000 euros in full income -the gross amount without discounting expenses or withholdings- nor 75,000 euros of assets -discounting the habitual residence- as of December 31.

These amounts will be calculated by adding the income and assets of the beneficiary, their spouse or common-law partner registered in the registry of common-law unions, descendants under 25 years of age or with disabilities with incomes that do not exceed 8,000 euros (excluding exempt ones), and the ascendants up to the second degree by direct line -parents and grandparents-.

Pensioners and IMV, excluded

Finally, at least one of the members of the household must be registered as affiliated with Social Security at some point in 2022 or have been a beneficiary of an unemployment benefit or subsidy during the past year.

However, households that, despite meeting these requirements, have at least one person who receives the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) -including the child aid supplement- or a pension will not be entitled to the aid. The beneficiaries of minimum insertion income granted by the autonomous communities, on the other hand, will be entitled to this new aid of 200 euros.

No additional documentation

To apply for these aids, the NIF of the applicant and of the people who live at the same address must be entered -with the exception of those under 14 years of age-, as well as the bank account in which the applicant wishes the payment to be made. aid payment.

It is not necessary to provide any additional documentation, since Social Security and other public bodies will send the Tax Agency “the necessary information” to verify compliance with the necessary requirements to request the aid.

For their part, applicants for this aid whose tax domicile is in the Basque Country or Navarra must apply to the Basque or Navarre institutions.

payment before july

The term to enter the aid is three months from the date of completion of the term to submit the form, so the beneficiaries will receive it, at the latest, on June 30.

If the information from the State Tax Administration Agency is not compatible with the aid requirements, the Treasury will notify the applicant of a proposal for a refusal resolution in which the necessary data will be indicated to consult the reasons for the rejection. Families will be able to present an appeal for replacement or an economic-administrative claim within a month if they so wish.

It should be remembered that this is one of the star measures of the third package to combat the economic effects derived from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Along with this check, the Government also approved a reduction in VAT on some staple foods -bread, bread-making flour, milk, eggs, legumes, cereals, fruit, vegetables and vegetables- from 4 % to 0%, and reduce from 10% to 5% VAT on oil and pasta.

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