Analyzing the accounting of a company.
Analyzing the accounting of a company.

The Committee on Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has approved a legislative amendment to allow grants of more than 30,000 euros from European funds to those companies that have certain levels of delinquency.

Within the framework of the processing of the bill for the creation of the Financial Client Authority, the Government has managed to introduce this legislative modification after negotiating with various parliamentary groups a transactional amendment that modifies the Subsidies Law.

Among other groups, the amendment, to which Europa Press has agreed, has the signature of the PSOE, United We Can, Citizens, ERC, the PDeCAT.

Specifically, it is a new provision that modifies the General Subsidies Law 38/2003 to allow entrepreneurial companies to benefit from the aid deployed within the framework of the latest anti-crisis decree, approved in December 2022. In this way, the companies involved in a situation of arrears they cannot be beneficiaries of subsidies for an amount greater than 30,000 euros.

However, those who request aid under the latest decree to alleviate the effects of the war in Ukraine and the increase in the price of gas, will be able to obtain beneficiary status “without meeting the established requirements.”

Of course, said established requirements, which happen to be up to date with payment, will be enforceable six months from the effective collection of the subsidy and its non-compliance within said period will constitute cause for full reimbursement of the subsidy. The modification introduced this Thursday will be applicable to the procedures for granting public subsidies initiated before its entry into force and pending resolution, without the need to change the corresponding regulatory bases of the concession.

An attempt has already been made to introduce this change in what is known as the Create and Grow Law, approved last year. On that occasion it could not be, but after receiving the go-ahead this Thursday, the legislative amendment has already been included in the Commission’s Opinion, which will be put to a vote in plenary next week.

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