Mar 26, 2023

The chair in which the grandfather sat all day one fine morning appeared empty. It was the first time and, as is logical, the alarm was raised in the family.” Where is the grandfather? ”, They asked each other with anguish, his wife and his daughters. At that moment this old man, who had begun to lose his mind, was crossing the Paseo de Recoletos with the red light. The cars stopped dead with great screeching of tires and from some windows the motorists shouted at him: “Grandpa, come home, they are going to crush you”. Oblivious to danger, the old man waved happily. His confusion reached such a point that sometimes at a gas station he would ask to fill up the tank of his old Harley-Davidson that no longer existed. He walked aimlessly where his shoes led him. He went in and out of the bars and in the bars, on the terraces and on the benches of the promenade he told people his exploits of yesteryear that earned him some awards and medals, but he could not explain what they were due to. At the end of the afternoon, when the police had already been notified, the grandfather fell into a cocktail bar near the Congress where he was involved in a wild bachelor party. Due to the smoothness and fantasy that he used to narrate the battles of his glorious past, that group of young people declared him godfather of the false wedding that was going to be held in an elegant brothel located on a corner of the Plaza de Colón. The revelry lasted all night and part of the next day when at noon the police found him sitting next to the Wax Museum. Sunk back into the wing chair, his wife and daughters asked him where he had been, with whom he had spent the night. In the lost head of this old man, from the back of his neck, he heard speeches and applause, insults and praise. The truth is that he felt very happy. Although he did not remember anything.

By Nail

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