The footballer and coach José María Gutiérrez guti and his ex-wife, the presenter Arantxa de Benito, have just become grandparents to their first grandson at the ages of 46 and 53, respectively. Their daughter, Zayra Gutiérrez, 23 years old (they have another son, Aitor, 21 years old), gave birth to her first child this past Sunday, April 16, according to the exclusive account of the magazine Hello! The baby, whose name is Hugo, weighed 2.6 kilos, was born by natural birth at six in the morning. “Zayra is fine and the child is fine. We are all super happy ”, Guti declared to the Europa Press agency upon leaving the hospital.

The first images of the former Real Madrid soccer player with his grandson and his two sons, Enzo and Romeo, aged 10 and two, respectively, were shared by Romina Belluscio, the athlete’s partner since 2011. “Little Hugo. Welcome to the family, your uncles Enzo and Romeo are looking forward to taking care of you and playing with you, ”wrote the Argentine model on her Instagram profile (81,900 followers). “Congratulations, daddies, for this wonderful gift that life gives you. And congratulations to the most cannon grandfather that exists!”, the television collaborator also finished the message. “I love you,” Zayra replied in the comments to the same publication.

For her part, Arantxa de Benito —who separated from Guti 20 years ago after four years of marriage— has also shown her joy when she left the hospital after visiting her first grandson. “The three of them radiate happiness and the baby is beautiful,” the television presenter responded to the media stationed at the health center. “I am wearing the longest bib of my life,” she added. The proud grandmother has also shared a photo in the stories from his Instagram profile with Hugo in his arms, in which one could read: “Welcome to the world, little Hugo. Love and tenderness raised to infinity”.

The one who has also taken advantage of the moment to share his joy has been Miki Mejías, Zayra’s partner for two years and Hugo’s father. “My super champions. Today my life has changed, I had been preparing myself for a while, but no matter what they tell you or what you see out there, it is the most wonderful day of your life,” the 27-year-old wrote on his Instagram account along with to a photo of Zayra and her newborn son. “The great father you are made of is impressive, how you have helped me since we were admitted to the hospital in absolutely everything, and above all how well you do as a father, thank you for taking care of us as you are doing! We love you daddy ”, the young woman replied in the same publication.

Hugo becomes the first grandson of Guti and Arantxa and the first child for Zayra Gutiérrez and Miki Mejías. “I cannot be more proud of you, of the heart you have, of the love you give us every day, from the moment you get up until you go to bed, we no longer have our little one in our arms,” ​​Zayra wrote on her social networks on last March 19, on the occasion of Father’s Day.

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