Equality is going to launch an application to account for the distribution of tasks in homes and a mess has started, as almost always when they do something. It has happened to them like Pedro and the wolf, so as soon as they have announced the project, commentators and opinion experts, with and without pay, have become furious.

They say that they are concerned that the State stores their data on cleanliness, a curious drawback, since few are concerned that Google knows every step they take or that Pornhub knows their fantasies better than their partner. They complain that Angela is already there, that when she speaks she raises the Pam, sticking his nose in our business. They must think that the apps It is mandatory to download, and if you do not download it and register that you have removed the dishwasher, the three witches will appear to execute you. The ones from the scrubber.

You don’t have to be a luminary to know where the ministry has gotten its inspiration from: from those couple discussions that end with a page divided into two columns to write down the tasks that one and the other perform. In general, this is usually preceded by complaints from one person, who considers that the other does less than he should. Specifically, it is usually the member the one who complains, and usually complains with reason: according to the latest INE data, 76.5% of women are in charge of most of the domestic chores, compared to 23.5% of men. As a curiosity, the municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants in which there is a higher percentage of men who do not even cook eggs are El Ejido, Ceuta, Marbella and Melilla. It would be curious to cross these data with those of ham consumption.

The fact is that in the West, women, who were the ones who had traditionally dedicated ourselves exclusively to caregiving, have joined the labor market en masse. They, however, have not added so massively to household chores. Despite the fact that the optimal thing is to fight for all of us to work less and to be able to organize ourselves better, and although what must be demanded is the possibility that single-wage families will once again exist —a term coined by García-Máiquez to designate those who could live with a single member working outside the home— while we make the revolution or the social democracy, we will have to wash the pots and pans. And his thing is to do it in the most equitable way possible.

For this, it can be useful apps Of course, but nobody seems to like it. Chesterton wrote that if one sees a family arguing, the most sensible thing to do is not to interfere, because they will all end up uniting against him. Perhaps that is what has happened to the ministry. That and that most of those who laugh at the Equality interface in columns and gatherings have someone who “helps them at home”, a formula that scandalizes feminism when used by a man in reference to his family (“you don’t have to help, you have to share responsibility, Manolo!”), but that doesn’t make a noise when someone with potential uses it euphemistically to refer to their housekeeper, because they are afraid to admit that they pay to have their shit cleaned up. When you have someone who “helps you at home”, the distribution of tasks is simple and equal: everything is done by the helper, formerly called a chacha. And for that, the only necessary application is that of Santander.

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