The far-right government chaired by Giorgia Meloni in Italy has taken an alarming step towards suffocating the few rights recognized in the country for the LGTBI collective. Until now, an informal solution for registering the children of homosexual couples consisted of a false alternative that allowed them to be registered as adopted children by one of the members of the couple in the municipalities that authorized it (always progressive). That shameful loophole has been suspended while the State Attorney presents appeals to erase the records with the immediate consequence of the child being linked to a single parent.

The scope of the measures adopted by the Government of Brothers of Italy is cross-border because the Senate has also rejected the approval of the European certificate that homogenized this type of records and protected families of homosexual parents who temporarily resided in Italy. The consequence is that after settling in the country they lose the legal recognition of their children. The only way available is to return to that vexatious solution of faking an adoption for the member of the couple who is not a biological father or mother for the so-called particular cases, which goes through different interviews where they must prove their suitability to adopt who they already are. your son. And also female couples are legally obliged to leave Italy to resort to artificial insemination.

Meloni has complied with what was announced in the electoral campaign. The aberration is as absurd as it is cruel and largely alien to the convictions of a large part of the population. In Spain we were able to hear Meloni in a passionate speech in support of Vox in the Andalusian electoral campaign — whose fiery tone she later backtracked on — in exclusive defense of the traditional family. There is no hidden agenda in the decision of the Meloni government, just as there is not in some of the most reactionary positions of Vox in the only government in which it has participated up to now, hand in hand with the PP, that of Castilla y León, such as the proposal that doctors offer to listen to the fetal heartbeat to women who have decided to terminate the pregnancy. Despite the fact that the path traveled in Spain in recognition of rights has been much greater than in Italy, where the left has not been able to firmly assume the representation of LGTBI rights, the mirror of the management of Hermanos de Italia can be a good place to anticipate the regressive policies of Vox. The recent unsuccessful motion of censure was again a few days ago the showcase to listen to a compact conception of a single family model.

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