The summer is here. With the good weather and the heat, the talks and the rations on the terraces go on forever, those endless baths in the pool begin, the getaways to the beach (or to the mountains) multiply… After all, the holidays are here for you. rest. 85% of Spaniards will travel during these summer months, with an average budget per person reaching 625 euros, according to a recent report from the National Observatory of Outbound Tourism (ObservaTUR). With schools closed until September, the routine disappears on these dates and life flows at a calmer and more relaxed pace. Days and outdoor leisure are lengthened, schedules are made more flexible and habits are modified, which affect sleeping hours, physical activity and, of course, eating.

It is no coincidence that, at the end of the summer, the scale shows a kilo more than usual. Something that makes sense, on the other hand, because people eat more outside the home, snack between meals and, make no mistake, much of that food is unhealthy: salty snacks, fried foods, sugary soft drinks, alcoholic drinks… From The Spanish Obesity Society (SEEDO) warn that these eating disorders affect the entire population, although school-age children are the most vulnerable, especially those who are overweight. According to the latest ALADINO study by the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (Aecosan), 23.3% of schoolchildren between six and nine years of age are overweight; and 17.3%, obesity.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the basis for a multitude of recipes: from cold soups, salads, desserts... all ideal for both lunch and dinner.
Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the basis for a multitude of recipes: from cold soups, salads, desserts… all ideal for both lunch and dinner.Fordvika (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Nor is it a matter of bittering the holidays or depriving yourself of some whim, but it is convenient to keep in mind some tips so as not to neglect the form. Some of them: stay active outside the central hours of the day to escape the heat, avoid heavy lunches and dinners, watch your calories and do without sugary drinks or eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink liquids (better water, cold infusions or natural juices) to avoid possible dehydration.

Because beyond gazpacho and salmorejo, there are many summer soup recipes based on healthy, fresh ingredients loaded with the necessary nutrients to stop the oxidizing effect of the sun. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the base of these summer soups, ideal as a first course at lunch or dinner. Its possibilities are enormous: they can include shellfish and prawns, vegetables (tomato, red pepper, cucumber, celery, beetroot…), savory ingredients (such as cubes of ham, pieces of smoked salmon in fennel soup or squares of fresh cheese. in tomato soup) and even legumes, so often forgotten in summer diets. These soups can also be served as a dessert or for breakfast, with fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, melon, cherries, kiwi, orange or carrots, mixed with yogurt, for example.

It is estimated that 23.3% of schoolchildren between six and nine years of age are overweight, and 17.3% are obese

Source: Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (Aecosan)

Another success for these hot days are cold infusions and natural fruit juices. They are refreshing, tasty and provide many of the nutrients of the fruit (with the exception of fiber). For this reason, they should never replace whole fruit pieces, although they are a healthy alternative to consuming soft drinks, which are generally more caloric and less nutritious. The same goes for salads, the undisputed queens of summer tables: pasta or rice, with mayonnaise or warm, with dried or salted fruit, with seasonal fruits such as melon or peach… a dish for all tastes and packed with creative possibilities, ranging from presentation to ingredients.

Summer food… and affordable

The good news is that, in these months, there are many fresh and healthy seasonal foods with which to prepare these recipes and fill the pantry, and at an affordable price. EROSKI, for example, continues in summer with its basket that makes you fall in love, a complete and varied shopping basket at competitive prices with very summery products, in which there is no shortage of fruit (melon, watermelon, peach, among others), tomatoes to prepare cold soups such as gazpacho and of course, ice cream. A basket to eat SALT: healthy, affordable and light. This proposal also incorporates items for more timeless use, at the best price, perfect to always have on hand in the pantry -such as rice and canned tuna in oil, so present in salads-, or in the freezer. In total, more than a thousand products, the majority of frequent consumption, including dairy, pasta, nuts or fish. A very interesting option to save and maintain a balanced diet in the hottest months of the year.

It is enough to pay attention to small details and take advantage of the multiple savings facilities offered by some establishments. In short, different initiatives that pursue the same goal: encourage family savings.

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