From an age one inevitably becomes conservative. At 64 years old, the first thing I want to preserve is the physical environment in which I live, so I value everything related to the climate emergency as a strict political priority. Next, what matters most to me are the policies that try to reduce inequality and the lack of opportunities, especially child poverty and youth precariousness, because without social equalizers the very foundations of democracy will end up being undermined. I do not want my taxes to be lowered (public health and education, social protection, are not possible without a strongly progressive taxation). Lastly, I hold in high esteem the conduct of respect for democratic rules, of not delegitimizing the opponent, as well as the normal functioning of the institutions. I already said that every day I am more conservative, radically conservative.

Miguel Angel Cuevas Cosio. Sancibrian (Cantabria)

Who thinks of the citizens?

Politicians boast of the positive figures in the tourism sector. But the offer of tourism employment hides a problem that few recognize. The rights and benefits of the foreigner are positioned ahead of the citizen himself. Acquiring a home in large cities has become an unattainable good for young people who, helpless in the face of the emergence of tourist apartments, leave the place where they grew up.

Maria Jose Benitez Aranda. Malaga

the pain stays

Just a year ago I wrote a letter to the director saying that I had just fired my son in my 38th week of pregnancy. A year later I manage to smile, sometimes even get excited, but always with a gray halo. A hidden desire to cry, a latent sadness, a sudden discomfort. Life and the world keep turning – especially for others – and I am increasingly aware that my life and my world will never be the same again, and that they have already changed forever.

Ines Burgueño Jimenez. Madrid

Disappointment with Cebrián

It is sad to read Juan Luis Cebrián disqualifying a legitimate government through the disqualification of the president. He does not prove the most negative statements about the president, his successes are not described, the confrontation between the citizens is exclusively his fault, and the desire for PP and Vox to win the elections is evident. I am one more citizen who has long been disappointed by Cebrián.

Lucio Azcoaga Mayor. Madrid

maze to vote

I appreciate the echo about the labyrinth to vote that those of us who will be outside Spain will suffer in the elections on July 23. More than a labyrinth, it is a dead end. We will no longer be here when the vote-by-mail documentation is distributed, but we will not be out in time to register as non-residents and request to vote from abroad (in-person procedures). If electronic identification is accepted to request a vote by mail from Spain, why not accept it for these procedures abroad?

Clara Garcia. Madrid

By Nail

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