Two children have fun in one of the removable pools with a parasol included from the Bestway firm.
Two children have fun in one of the removable pools with a parasol included from the Bestway way

On many occasions, the space in the garden or patio at home is smaller than we would like. Given the impossibility of undertaking a built-in pool, one of the options that is growing the most in recent years is to acquire a removable pool. the signature best way is one of the most recognized on the market, and now, just before summer arrives, it has free shipping if the order exceeds 60 euros.

Therefore, since THE COUNTRY Showcase We have listed 15 models of different dimensions and shapes (oval, rectangular, round or even, equipped with parasol). Quality materials, very careful designs and its many accessories complete some practical products to combat the heat without leaving home. Rigid, semi-rigid or inflatable pools specifically for children: The best sales of the Bestway firm at the best price!


The Bestway portable pools that They do not exceed a meter in height They are ideal for the little ones in the house to have a great time splashing in the water. Products that, for example, integrate the fast-set technology they facilitate the enjoyment of a complete experience during the bath (also) with the parents. Next, we highlight four Bestway models designed for children:

Steel Pro detachable pool set, Bestway

The firm of removable pools Bestway presents one of the largest sizes in terms of models for children (greater than 2.7 meters). This product, with T-shaped connectors to prevent possible corrosion in contact with water, is assembled in just 20 minutes. In addition, its three-layer band provides additional support to the wall, and its exterior design of colorful animals will attract the attention of the smallest members of the house.

Size: 2.74m x 66cm. Capacity: 3,221 liters.

Steel Pro Splash-in-Shade Removable Pool, Bestway

Ideal for locating it in smaller spaces in the backyard or garden, the detachable pool in the image is ideal for two or three children to use at the same time. It has a very cheerful exterior decoration, which reminds us of an allegory of the sea. On the other hand, its connector system offers a secure connection, which well protects the structure from oxidation or corrosion. Its parasol offers effective protection against UV rays.

Size: 1.83m x 51cm. Capacity: 930 liters.

Removable Steel Pro splash pool with sunshade, Bestway

This product has the same characteristics as the previous model, but with a difference: its dimensions are close to two and a half meters in diameter, so it almost doubles its total capacity. It also has an umbrella and, in addition, its small sprinkler that is placed on top of the umbrella emits a refreshing and long-lasting mist.

Size: 2.44m x 51cm. Capacity: 1,688 liters.

Removable Fast Set pool with treatment plant, Bestway

A detachable pool with a very summery and colorful design, thanks to its fun tropical print. Its structure is robust as it is reinforced in three layers with a very durable material (85% more resistant to punctures). As if that were not enough, its upper ring incorporates a small inflatable palm tree that sprays water when connected to the garden hose. In addition, it is a model that can be folded in a jiffy.

Size: 4.57m x 84cm. Capacity: 9,677 liters.


The Steel Pro and Power Steel collectionsbelong to the range of removable pools from Bestway, and are characterized by being semi-rigid and assemble in just 20 minutes before enjoying the first swim of the season. Previously, we must have looked for a well-leveled ground where to place them. These are their top sales products:

Round detachable pool Steel Pro Max, Bestway

The detachable pool from the cheapest Steel Pro Max range exceeds three meters in diameter and reaches one meter in height, a height that the little ones in the house (from 5 years old) can save thanks to the easily accessible ladder included. For the rest, it has a material reinforced with a core of polyester mesh and two layers of high thickness PVC.

Size: 305×100 cm. Capacity: 6,148 liters.

Steel Pro Max round removable rattan pool

A portable pool with the same features as the previous model, but with one difference: its size exceeds 3.5 meters in length. Its exterior design is very refined by choosing rattan as the preferred material.

Round detachable pool Power Steel Series II, Bestway

In addition to having all kinds of accessories, this portable pool is equipped with well-reinforced portholes on each of its sides. It is equipped with a beautiful exterior print but, especially, with an interior one that adds texture and an intense blue color to the background. Its size makes it perfect for a family of up to four people.

Size: 4.88m x 1.22m. Capacity: 19,480 liters. Now with an 8% discount.

Set of detachable round steel wall pool, Hydrium by Bestway

For those people who are looking to leave their pool mounted for longer after the months of worst heat waves, this model is the one. Its design is made of galvanized steel, and both the walls, the upper cornice and the frame are treated with a layer of antirust zinc. As if that were not enough, its entire interior is prepared so that it does not discolor in the face of solar incidence. It should be noted, in turn, that it has a sand filter, with a longer useful life.

Size: 3.00m x 1.20m. Capacity: 7,630 liters.


Rectangular detachable pool set Power Steel, Bestway

The rectangular design is one of the most convenient if we have a patio or terrace with these characteristics. In addition, the model that we highlight here is the most economical. It includes a steel structure, enjoys a highly resistant Tritech coating against perforations and its dispenser maintains a stable level of chlorine at all times.

Size: 4.27m x 2.50m x 1.00m. Capacity: 7,250 liters.

Power Steel tubular detachable pool, Bestway

It has reinforced feet at its base and, given its height, it incorporates a security ladder called Flip and Lock, which prevents unsupervised access to the enclosure. For sale in a light gray color that is very attractive to the eye.

Size: 4.12m x 2.01m x 1.22m. Capacity: 8,124 liters.

Removable pool with Ripple Mosaic print, Bestway

With a 17% discount on its original price, this other model in the Power Steel category stands out for its Ripple Mosaic design, a print that offers a more realistic texture and an intense blue color to its internal structure. It is also very easy to assemble, since no tools are needed. On the outside, it is presented in a lead gray color.

Size: 4.12m x 2.01m x 1.22m. Capacity: 8,124 liters.


Detachable oval pool Power Steel Swim Vista Series II, Bestway

The product is part of the second generation of removable pools with built-in portholes. Precisely, these openings are what facilitate the surveillance of an adult from outside when children submerge. We also want to point out that its durable steel legs have 17.5% more resistance to bending than other pools of similar size. On the other hand, it incorporates a filter pump, a safety ladder, a cover and a dispenser.

Size: 5.49m x 2.74m x 1.22m. Capacity: 13,430 liters.

Power Steel Series II Oval Rattan Pool

With the same dimensions as the previous model, the great difference of this Bestway portable pool is found in its exterior design: it is made of a natural-looking rattan wicker pattern, very matching with the patio or garden furniture.

Detachable oval pool with wooden design, Bestway

Oval in shape, we can also find a product like the one in the image in the extensive Bestway catalogue: its exterior print is made of wood; a design that will provide an elegant and distinguished touch to the garden. Its treatment plant is capable of treating more than 5,000 liters per hour to keep the water always crystal clear.

Size: 610 x 366 x 122 cm. Capacity: 20,241 liters.


Is about rigid portable pools, with a resistance beyond any doubt that allows them to be left mounted outside for as long as we want. In fact, in its assembly we will only need a screwdriver, a wrench or pliers. Its maximum exponent is the Hydrium modelwhich we describe below:

Removable pool with Hydrium steel wall, Bestway

The dimensions of this detachable pool are much larger than those of most Bestway models. In addition, it is designed to last the whole year assembled thanks to its 0.3 mm thick steel side walls. It has an anti-UV patina and incorporates a leaf collector to keep the water free of waste. Includes a fabric for its base.

Size: 6.10m x 3.60m x 1.20m. Capacity: 19,929 liters.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of May 17, 2023.

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