The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced this Wednesday that she will maintain the 60% discount on transport passes until the end of the year, which will benefit seven million users. This has been one of the measures announced by Ayuso in the Madrid Assembly, who will govern in this legislature with an absolute majority thanks to the 70 seats that the PP obtained in the May 28 elections.

“I announce that we are going to extend this reduction of 60% in the price of monthly public transport tickets and 50% of multi-trip tickets until the end of the year”, Díaz Ayuso has advanced. Aid for public transport was promoted in September last year by the central government of Pedro Sánchez, which assumed 30% of the cost of the reduction, with the remaining 20% ​​corresponding to the autonomous communities. However, the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso matched its aid to that of the Government, which means that the people of Madrid enjoy a 60% discount.

With the extension of these deductions, the 30-day Youth Pass will continue to have a price of 8 euros; Normal A will be 21.80; 25.40 for trips in zone B1; 28.80 in the case of B2 users, and 32.80 euros for those traveling in B3-C1/C2.

Tickets for 10 trips for Metro, Light Rail and EMT remain at 8.5 euros as long as they are used within zone A.

To all this we must add that people over 65 years of age enjoy the free monthly public transport pass from January 1 and the residents of Rivas Vaciamadrid benefit from the B1 tariff unification from March 15.

In addition, Díaz Ayuso has stressed during the debate that he will unify public transport fares in only two areas -Madrid capital (A) and the rest of the region (B)-; This measure in favor of users can be implemented when the new concession map comes into operation, since for the first time the entire concession system of the interurban and urban bus transport network in the region will be fully tendered.

In addition, Ayuso has assured that they will work together with the taxi sector so that it “continues to be part of the very positive image that those who visit it take from Madrid”, but they have also defended that they will continue “respecting the sector’s alternatives”, such as the VTC.

“We are going to act within our powers to avoid abuses and respect the balance, against unfair recruitment of other services while ensuring that citizens will always have the required offer at their disposal, especially in the face of large events”, the president defended in functions.

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