The evolution of the debt of the public administrations as a whole registered an increase of 2% in February compared to January, until reaching again the historical maximum of 1.52 trillion euros, according to the data released this Friday by the Bank of Spain.

In just one month, public debt has risen by 30,208 million euros, 2% more, mainly due to the increase in debt of the State and the autonomous communities, and to a lesser extent of the municipalities.

More pronounced is the increase in debt in the last year, since it has grown by 5.4% year-on-year in February, with 78,436 million euros more, as a result of lower income and higher expenses derived from the energy crisis and the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine. In February 2022 the debt was set at 1.44 trillion euros.

Breaking down the data by administrations, in February the State debt stood at 1.349 trillion euros, also a historical record, which represents an increase of 2.3% more in just one month, while in the last twelve months it has increased by 6.9%.

Along the same lines, the autonomous communities have seen their debt grow by 0.7% compared to the month of January, up to 317,510 million euros, although in the interannual rate it experiences a rebound of 2.5%.

The city councils, on their side, have registered a debt of 22,911 million euros in February, 0.4% more than the previous month, while in the last year it has rebounded by 3.1%.

Social Security indebtedness remained at the same figures in February as in the previous month, with 106,169 million euros, while in the last 12 months it has risen by 7%.

The Bank of Spain explains that this increase is due to the loans granted by the State to the General Treasury of Social Security to finance its budgetary imbalance.

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