I have two children, one five months old and the other one a year and a half old, and they both nurse. I have nursed them in bars, squares or trains, and I have never had a bad experience, but they have even come up to me to cheer me up. They have always been old and they have always ended up telling me that theirs were love each other Until I don’t know how many.

I have also experienced the opposite, friends, relatives and acquaintances who think that it is not pretty for a child who knows how to count to 10, who sings Lola the cow and build sentences with subject, verb and predicate, love me. In the indignation over breastfeeding that lasts longer than what seems appropriate to the indignant, there is usually also an age pattern: the aggrieved are almost always boomers. Many are going for the fifteenth booster vaccine, but when you tell them that the WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding up to six months and not weaning the babies until they are two years old, they make you look angry. They are boob deniers.

When I identified this pattern, I began to wonder what trauma they had with their breasts, which from time to time still remind Sabrina and her big tit on television. Trying to unravel the reasons, I realized that this mania surely has to do with assimilating women’s liberation to traditionally masculine values, with thinking that production is superior to care and that care is a hindrance. I also realized that it is a normal ojeriza, as it is natural that it is the old women who celebrate prolonged breastfeeding: we all tend to think that the best thing for children is what we do or did with ours.

Those who were mothers in the fifties and sixties fed their babies with breast milk for a long time because there was no other. And the boomers they stuffed us with bottles and porridge in the eighties and nineties because there was no other; many women started working outside the home, so it was not easy for them to breastfeed. In addition, he began to spread the adult-centric parenting model, based on the premise that children must adapt to the needs of adults regardless of their own. They were parents hearing that the children embraciban if you caught them, that they had to nurse every three hours and that there was a method for them to sleep alone that consisted of locking them in their room and letting them cry.

And since progress sometimes seems more like a pendulum than an arrow, those of us who are parents are now recommended the opposite: sleep with our children and breastfeed them until they enroll in university, not give them porridge, baby food or baby milk. If formula is not strictly necessary, avoid daycare whenever possible.

Filmmaker Carla Simón said that mothers today are encouraged to raise like our grandmothers but working like our mothers, and that this is impossible. Motherhood has never been exempt from setbacks, resignations and conscience charges, but as in other areas of existence, each generation has its own. And the way in which, trying to leave the world better for those who come, each fifth manages to solve some problems is curious and tender, but these end up giving rise to different ones for the next one.

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