“The school is the only one capable of guaranteeing equal opportunities between boys and girls.” With these words, the doctor in Educational Psychology Mariana Solari presents in a video the new commitment of Aprendemos Juntos 2030 from BBVA, a platform to promote education through sustainability and with whom EL PAÍS has a collaboration agreement. The project is called restart your world and the challenge, as they explain, is to promote sustainability and self-care in schools. But it also wants mothers and fathers to foster these values ​​at home. The launch has been made globally.

The initiative is aimed at schools and families as an essential engine for transmitting the importance of caring for the planet through responsible consumption, respecting others and adopting healthy lifestyle habits. As? Offering them free educational resources, available from this March 21, to help Primary students to be the drivers of change towards a better world. Among the participants in the new project are the explorer Nacho Dean, the biodiversity expert Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente —daughter of the popularizer Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente— or the chef Joan Roca, in charge of the kitchens of the renowned family restaurant El Celler de Can Rock.

The free challenge is divided into three modules: diversity and coexistence, in which boys and girls learn that we are all human beings and must all be respected; responsible consumption, where care for the environment will be discussed, through recycling and responsible consumption, among others; and healthy habits, in which you will learn to know what to eat and how to eat it to respect our body and, at the same time, the planet. And each of those three sections is related to one of these three words: Think, Act and Feel, respectively.

module Think, either diversity and coexistence, aims, with the ludic philosophy and by the hand of the specialist in education Viviana Figueroa and the pedagogue Angélica Sátiro, play to think and think while playing. Of the Acting, or responsible consumption, will be taken care of by Dean —who leads the expedition blue spain to study the impact of plastic and marine litter—, which takes a group of students on a boat so they can look at plastics through a microscope and understand the damage that human beings are causing to the seabed. The biologist and science educator Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente also participates with him, who goes on an excursion with the kids to bring them closer to nature and its diversity. And finally, the objective of Feeling, or healthy habits, seeks to help plant the seed of self-care in childhood from a perspective that includes food, rest or hygiene, and consists of bringing students closer to reality, and for this it is key to leave the classroom. In this phase, the protagonists who share their experiences with the boys and girls are the pediatrician Lucía Galán and the chef Joan Roca (and Nacho Dean and Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente repeat). Both teach the little ones the importance of cultivating healthy lifestyle habits from the garden that the three Roca brothers have in their restaurant in Girona.

As the promoters of the initiative explain, the free methodology has been prepared by Education experts who have adapted their innovative educational experiences to make them available to everyone through the Reinitiate your world website. Teachers, fathers and mothers can access it by easily registering, and “thus having practical and simple content in formats such as infographics, videos and explanatory guides that can be adapted to their environments and needs,” the statement reported.

EL PAÍS and Aprendemos juntos 2030 signed a cooperation agreement in June 2021 in order to reinforce and expand their global commitment to people and the planet. We learn together 2030 —transformation of the initial project We learn together, born in 2018— is the largest educational platform in Spanish. It already has more than seven million subscribers and its videos have more than 1,800 million views.

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