Ana Obregón said in an interview in icons that there are two kinds of people: those who have buried a child and those who have not. We all believed that such a terrible loss and the pain that it entails would imply an ethical and moral maturity. Perhaps, very naively, we took it for granted that someone who has suffered so much will have developed a deeply human compassion, the same compassion that the presenter awakened in us when her son died. Well, we found that no, there are two types of women in this world: those who understand that gestating a human being and giving birth to them is an important act with enormous emotional, physical and mental implications, with risks to the health of the mother, an act that cannot be done for money, and there is that other type of rich woman who believes that her desires are above all consideration, that she has the right to subject another woman, always poor, always desperate, to the terrible exploitation that is turn it into a simple oven to cook the baby that she will later consider hers, not because she gave birth to it or adopted it, but because she bought it. The terrible thing about this case is that a mother who knows what it is to lose the fruit of her own entrails, who has experienced motherhood in the first person, can reach the aberrant act of taking from another mother the girl she has given birth to. she. As if there wasn’t enough indecency in buying a daughter from a catalogue, on top of that the presenter leaves the hospital in a wheelchair as if it had really been her who had gone through the physical trance. As if that were not enough, many media have headlined that “Ana Obregón is a mother at 68 years old”, something that does nothing more than camouflage a crime of simple and plain exploitation of the reproductive capacities of poor women, those women who, for Of course, the tabloids never talk when a famous “is” a father or mother in this way.

The defenders of the very nice presenter will tell me that voluntary and altruistic gestation exists, for doing a favor or good to humanity. Seek to see if you can find any of those happy pregnant women by vocation who go through nine months of intense biological process and then give their baby as a gift of flowers. They will not find them, they do not exist. What they can find with a single click is a huge market for child trafficking and womb rentals available to anyone who can afford them.

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