Apartment building dedicated exclusively to temporary rental, located above the Arc de Triomf station in Barcelona.  The country
Apartment building dedicated exclusively to temporary rental, located above the Arc de Triomf station in Barcelona. The countryCarlos Ribas

Renting a home has become almost an impossible mission. Not only because of the significant increase in rents -the average price in Spain exceeds 800 euros per month, according to data from idealista-, but also because of the casting that prospective tenants must undergo, who must meet a series of requirements that are well They could be similar to the obstacle courses of the well-known Grand Prix. It is also not easy for homeowners to find a person to whom they can entrust their home and have the security that they will not stop paying. The main rental intermediary portals in Spain point out the ideal profiles of both landlords and tenants and what each one is looking for from the other.

The lack of supply of housing for rent in the centers of large cities does not allow potential tenants, who are simply looking for a home to live in, to be able to choose a favorite landlord. It touches the one that touches and you have to adapt to their conditions. However, some qualities can be found that help future residents not run away when they find another home. be a landlord empathicthat listen to tenants when they have a problem and facilitate communication, to be take care of the repairs that you have to cover – and do it quickly-, would be ideal, according to the spokesperson for Idealista, Francisco Irañeta.

Other considerations to keep in mind are being a landlord legalnot seek economic benefit without taking into account the habitability conditionsnot try to trick tenants into paying fees they don’t owe, and take charge of its commitments and obligations. Neither blatantly raise the price without justification or invent clauses that do not appear in the contract. The spokesman and director of studies of the pisos.com portal, Ferran Font, assures that the essential thing for both parties is “the ability to dialogue and not impose their own vision. Because although the process is very well regulated, there is a part that is a conversation between the two”.

Those who do have a long list of requirements when renting a house are the owners. Some of these conditions have been eliminated by the current Housing Law, which came into force on May 26, and which prohibits landlords, for example, from passing the expense of real estate fees to tenants.

It is not difficult to find users of social networks denouncing that when renting a house they have been required to have a certain net salary, or that the income triple the rental price, as well as having a savings deposit with a specific figure, presenting a guarantor , or even have a letter of recommendation from previous owners. Font considers that “the requirements are increasing and increasingly difficult to meet. This means that young people have the feeling that they are expelled from the housing market”.

On the other hand, the security and tranquillity These are the two main reasons that lead homeowners to demand so many requirements. Irañeta affirms that “owners want to rent, receive payments and not have problems.” In other words, finding a tenant who pays every month and who does not give you worries, such as having your house squatted. The Idealista spokesperson also assures that choosing a tenant profile is completely legal and understandable, since they find the guarantee they are looking for in economic solvency.

Other important considerations for landlords when choosing a tenant are do not perform annoying activities for the neighbors or cause damage in the house, keep the domicile in favorable conditions and that they are props in the payment.

The role of real estate

With the new Housing Law, the role that real estate rental and sale companies are going to have from now on has been much discussed. According to a study carried out by the General Council of the Official Associations of Real Estate Agents of Spain (COEPI), there will be no “price war” between intermediaries to attract more clients, since now more than ever They will have to take care of advising owners who want to rent.

The report also points out that there does not have to be real estate closures, although some will have to reinvent themselves and change their business model. “We are a sector that quickly adapts to the environment and circumstances, so I think there will be few closures,” says the member of the General Council and president of COAPI of Castellón, Francisco Nomdedeu.

What the Official College does warn about is that there is a significant drop in the supply of homes on real estate portals, so tenants are going to have much more difficulty finding a residence.

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