Rather than being emptied or depopulated, there is a Spain that was abandoned. We speak of Spain empty, depopulated, emptied; and these terms are true, but they express only a partial idea, in reality, they are euphemisms. They refer to the emptiness, the depopulation, the flight that has been taking place in many parts of our country. The use of those terms avoids or hides the causes that have caused abandonment: the lack of budgets and services, the lack of children and schools, the lack of transportation, the lack of bank offices and ATMs, the lack of connection to internet, harmful discharges close to some towns, etc. We will have to conclude, without remedy, that abandonment is prior to depopulation; that a place begins to empty when its inhabitants detect and suffer the symptoms of abandonment by the administrations. We talk about Spain, about the people, tormented by abandonment, and that Spain where emptiness and depopulation is taking place hurts us. Let’s talk then about abandoned Spain.

Manuel Huerta Anta. Vigo (Pontevedra)

scold and scoff

Finished this bad theater in Parliament. I have stayed with the words of a deputy: “We have to talk to each other in a polite way and deal with the problems to be solved.” The percentage of lordships that clearly demonstrate that they do not know the verbs “esparmentar” and “escarnecer” is very high. These people will never be able to justify what they are doing in Parliament.

Eric Campfens Fopma. Caspe (Zaragoza)

Exit for the forum

In the recent debate on the motion of no confidence, the candidate Ramón Tamames asked President Pedro Sánchez several times about the reasons for his turn in Spain’s historic position on Western Sahara and the support for the right of the Saharawi people to decide their future. They were also asked by the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal; the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas; Ana Oramas, from the Canary Islands Coalition, and Néstor Rego, from the BNG. President Sánchez, however, did not answer any. He kept absolute silence on what is probably the most important issue in Spanish foreign policy.

Luis Portillo Pasqual of Riquelme. Madrid

The return of the conventional family

I read a lot on social networks, since the term red-and-brown has hardly any visibility outside of the internet. It refers to subjects who claim to be from the left, but share political assumptions with the more traditional right. They conform to a pattern that in a great majority of families they are the generation that has to live worse than their parents in terms of salary and quality of work. As for the redistribution of wealth, they have one foot on the left, but they have ideas about immigration and the family, for example, that are closer to reactionary values ​​and close to the right. After the sixth motion of no confidence in democracy and with general elections just around the corner, I think I notice from comments in the public media that the existence of this group called red and brown is emerging and with a clear objective: the return to the family conventional.

Maria Luisa Alonso Alcala. Saragossa

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