Applicants take the opposition exams to gain access to one of the places offered by the Madrid City Council, at the Law School of the Complutense University.
Applicants take the opposition exams to gain access to one of the places offered by the Madrid City Council, at the Law School of the Complutense University.Juan Carlos Hidalgo (EFE)

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published 1,610 positions for selective public employment processes as permanent staff of the General State Administration (AGE), corresponding to professional groups M3, M2, M1, E2 and E1, convened by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function in the 2020 Public Employment Offer.

Of the total number of vacancies, 793 are for free shifts, so any citizen who meets the requirements set forth to hold that post may present their candidacy; while the remaining 817 positions are for internal promotion.

With regard to the calling centers, the 1,610 positions are distributed among 13 ministries, ranging from Defense, the one that offers the most positions to opponents; to Culture and Sports; Territorial Policy or Labor and Social Economy. Those interested in aspiring to occupy any of these positions will have 20 business days, counted from the day after the publication of this call in the BOE, to register in the selection processes that interest them.

They can also find more information on the website of the Secretary of State for Public Function and on the portals corresponding to the ministries that will manage the calls.

Within the professional groups, Group M1 offers 851 positions, 359 free shift and 492 internal promotion. In order to access them, the qualification of Higher Technician in Vocational Training is required and the places are for telecommunications and computer systems, general maintenance, metal constructions, building projects or clinical and biomedical laboratories, in addition to thirty specialties.

In Group E2, which requires a Vocational Training Technician qualification, 202 free shift places and 164 internal promotion will be offered. In this, the offers for driving road transport vehicles, commercial activities, general maintenance or cooking and gastronomy stand out, in addition to other specific tasks.

This is followed by Group M2, for which there will be 81 free shift positions available and 106 for internal promotion, and, in order to qualify for them, it will be necessary to have a Diploma or Degree training. In this case, the offer is in the areas of information science, social work, psychology, teaching or mathematics, among other specialties.

There is also the M3 Group, 56 free shift positions and 51 internal promotion positions are offered, and it will be necessary to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The offer is for teaching, specialized medicine, chemistry or sociology.

Lastly, Group E1, intended generally for those with a Basic Professional Title, offers 95 free shift positions and 4 for internal promotion, which are for surveillance and attention in museum rooms, commercial services or building renovation and maintenance, among other.

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