It is the war. The controversy over the electricity and thermal bonus for the vulnerable population charged by the number two in the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Enrique Ossorio, and the opposition leader, Mónica García (Más Madrid) arrives this Thursday at the plenary session of the Assembly Madrid with as many injured by the controversy as politicians on notice. The injured: Ossorio, beneficiary of state aid despite receiving 104,928.60 gross euros and having assets of more than one million euros; and García, who asked for her resignation for this and later acknowledged that she herself enjoys the subsidy for the same reason (she has formed a large family). “I recognize the mistake. I do not need it. I am going to study how to return it,” said the opposition leader on Wednesday at the string BE. His situation indirectly turns the spotlight on two other politicians: Juan Lobato, the PSOE spokesman, who clarifies that he is not a beneficiary nor has he been an applicant for the electricity bonus (from whose concession the thermal bonus automatically derives); Rocío Monasterio, the leader of Vox, who is also a member of a large family and did not clarify this Thursday what her situation is with respect to the two aids; and Alfonso Serrano, the number two of the local PP, who charges as severely vulnerable, as he himself acknowledged.

“This bonus will come out in plenary,” sums up a parliamentary source accustomed to analyzing the strategy of all the parties in the regional Parliament. “Ayuso cannot resist Mónica (García). It is a candy for her speech that Mónica is a hypocrite, ”she adds. “And Podemos will enter that way too.”

That is an affirmation based on a fact: Alejandra Jacinto’s party registered this Thursday the disapproval of the vice president in the regional Chamber, as did the PSOE.

“We register the disapproval of Enrique Ossorio, vice president of the Community of Madrid, and the deputy with the most assets in the Assembly, for having committed indecency, having been able to collect the thermal social bonus, destined for the most vulnerable people,” he denounced. the same Thursday Alejandra Jacinto, the leader of Podemos. “He should resign and be fired, and return what he was paid.”

The co-spokesperson for United We Can in the Madrid Assembly and candidate for the regional Presidency, Alejandra Jacinto.
The co-spokesperson for United We Can in the Madrid Assembly and candidate for the regional Presidency, Alejandra Jacinto.Fernando Sanchez (Europa Press)

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The figure of disapproval does not exist as such in the regulations of the Assembly, so it is usually converted into a non-law proposal that is voted on in a plenary session of the Chamber. As there is only one of those appointments left before Parliament is dissolved for the holding of the regional elections on May 28, it is unlikely that the vote will take place. However, his record serves as a thermometer on what can happen this Thursday: the left-wing opposition launched to criticize the number two in the Government, and the Government launched to criticize the opposition leader.

“It is totally impossible that Mónica García is charging it, I hope it is false,” Ossorio himself ironized this Wednesday. “She has asked for my resignation, she has said that my attitude was indecent, that it was a shame… there is no greater hypocrisy to say that about a person when you yourself are benefiting,” he added. “If it is true, today (she) would have to resign,” he claimed. And he clarified: “But she would not have to resign for having collected it, since she is a large family, like me, she would have to resign because she shows that she has no limits to deceive citizens, and in her hypocritical attitude.”

“He does not have to apologize: he has to leave politics,” stressed a source who enjoys Ayuso’s confidence. Hours later, Más Madrid confirmed that her leader, indeed, benefits from the same social bonus as Ossorio through her husband, although she assured that García did not know it when she criticized Ossorio.

“The first one surprised is me,” García said during an interview on the SER network. “It’s automatic, we haven’t asked for it,” he added, referring to the fact that all applicants accepted for the electric bonus automatically receive the thermal bonus. “I don’t want to charge that, I don’t need it. I defend the income criterion, ”she stressed. And he finished: “The difference is that he considers that he deserves it and I consider that if he had known, he would have returned it and that is what I am going to try. I don’t know to whom this is returned: if to the Community of Madrid, to the Government… Ossorio, in addition to having a large family, has numerous indecencies such as continuing to puff out his chest.

The aid is obtained in two steps. First you have to request the electricity voucher from the corresponding marketer, which is granted to all large families. From this concession automatically derives the thermal bonus, which can be waived.

It is not foreseeable that neither Ossorio nor García will leave their position in the coming weeks. The number two in the Government currently has the support of Ayuso. In addition to his mission of coordinating the government, he is in charge of piloting the electoral program of the PP for the 28-M. And his party, like the rest, is happy with the controversy: a few weeks before the polls arrive, it offers both the opportunity to get involved to mobilize their voters.

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