The unemployment rate in the euro area stood at 6.5% last April, one tenth less than the previous month, which is its lowest level in the entire historical series, according to data published this Thursday by Eurostat , the community statistics office. The unemployment rate in the euro area thus stood nine tenths below the level prior to the pandemic, since in February 2020 unemployment among the euro countries was 7.4%. Likewise, in the European Union as a whole, the unemployment rate repeated the historical low of 6% for the third consecutive month in April.

The European statistical office estimates that almost 13.03 million people were unemployed in the EU in April, of which 11.08 million were in the euro zone. This represents an annual decrease of 212,000 unemployed in the EU and 203,000 in the euro area. Among the Twenty-seven, the highest unemployment rates corresponded to Spain, with 12.7%; Greece, with 11.2%; and Italy, with 7.8%. By contrast, the lowest unemployment figures were observed in the Czech Republic and Poland (both 2.7%); Malta (2.8%) and Germany (2.9%).

In the case of those under 25 years of age, the unemployment rate in the euro zone fell to 13.9% in April from 14%, while in the EU as a whole the figure fell to 13.8% from 14 % of March. In absolute terms, the number of young unemployed in the EU reached 2.66 million people in the fourth month of the year, of which 2.2 million corresponded to the euro area.

In the case of Spain, in April 2023 there were 2.99 million unemployed people, of which 469,000 were under 25 years of age. Thus, the youth unemployment rate in Spain was 28.4%, the highest among the Twenty-seven, ahead of 27.4% in Greece, as well as 21% in Sweden and 20.4% in Italy.

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