The deputy secretary of Economy of the PP, Juan Bravo, during a press conference, at the headquarters of the PP.
The deputy secretary of Economy of the PP, Juan Bravo, during a press conference, at the headquarters of the PP.A. Pérez Meca – Europa Press (Europa Press)

The Popular Party (PP) has estimated the cost of its proposal to give 1,000 euros of aid for the emancipation of young people at 400 million euros, intended to pay the objective expenses to rent or buy a home.

His deputy secretary of the Economy, Juan Bravo, has expanded the details of the proposals to improve access to housing announced on Tuesday by the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Bravo explained that this aid of 1,000 euros to facilitate young people, who are emancipated on average at 29.8 years of age, to access housing for the first time will be for those under 35 years of age and will be given only once.

It will be for income below 40,000 euros and if the beneficiary has less than 30,000 euros, he will receive those 1,000 euros, gradually reducing the amount of the aid from that amount of 30,000 euros and up to 40,000.

As for the measure to guarantee 15% of the total purchase of a home, it will be for young people up to 35 years of age and for the first home. To access this guarantee there would be a limit on the price of housing, but it will be the autonomous communities that set it, since a house in Madrid does not cost the same as in La Rioja, Bravo said.

He has also referred to the guarantee that they propose to give to pay the rental deposit, also for young people up to 35 years of age and that, as with the one intended for purchase, the rent amount limit will be shared with the autonomous communities.

This guarantee will be paid only once and the income limit to access it will be 30,000 euros. Regarding the cost of these guarantees, Bravo has said that it is more difficult to calculate it because it depends on the level of solvency and delinquency.

Antiokupas Law

The PP proposal also includes an “anti-occupation law” so that there is more legal security and rental offer, establishes the eviction of ‘squatters’ in 24 hours and contemplates a modification in the legal field to aggravate the penalty for this type of crime.

It also proposes creating municipal technical offices to attend to the owners who suffer from the occupation of their homes and the creation of specialized units in the police and the courts so that evictions do not take too long.

Bravo has referred to the proposal that the administrations give up endowment land to make housing for the sectors that have more difficult access, in the style of what the Community of Madrid has done with the Vive Madrid Plan, of 6,600 homes.

The proposal of the PP consists of the assignment of endowment land that is not used for between 50 and 75 years for investors who commit to putting rents 40% below the average rent.

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