The family accused of the murder of Sergio BP, a 26-year-old man who died in a town in Madrid in 2019 for trying to mediate a fight, already knows his sentence. The eldest son, Donizete C., has just been sentenced to 14 years in prison for homicide, while Sandra C., the mother, who was accused of inducement, has been acquitted of all responsibility. In his day, the youngest son, Alejandro L., already received a four-year internment sentence in a juvenile center that he is still serving today, while the father, Óscar L., committed suicide when he was released from provisional prison, before get to trial. The murder took place one summer night in Ambite, a town in Madrid, when the victim, who had nothing to do with the brawl, received a stab wound to the heart.

Sergio only had three or four days left to finish his vacation and return to work in the technotronics sector. He was spending his days in Ambite, his town, and the night he died he was with his friends in the rock, near the Plaza Mayor. Around ten o’clock at night a fight broke out involving Alejandro, the already convicted younger brother, and other boys over a dispute with another local girl. The anger escalated and Alejandro and his older brother, Donizete, went up to his house, just a few meters away, and quickly came down with a knife in each hand accompanied by their parents. Sergio tried to calm things down and ended up with a stab wound to the heart that killed him almost instantly.

The ruling issued last week by the Provincial Court of Madrid considers that Donizete, who is now 24 years old, is responsible for ending Sergio’s life, “by mutual agreement” with his little brother. The popular jury already considered a few weeks ago that the participation of her mother had not been proven, of which the prosecution and the private prosecution pointed out her relevant role in encouraging her children to commit the crime.

According to the letter from the Public Ministry that included the statements of several witnesses that night, the mother had harangued shouting: “This in my country is solved with knives!” Said the woman, a native of Brazil. At the trial, some witnesses came to affirm that they did not remember what her mother did, but they did remember that her father did encourage her. The ruling ensures that there is a “serious and reasonable” doubt about Sandra’s role as inducer or accomplice. “There is no record that the defendant exerted a psychological influence on her children,” she specifies.

The sentence reflects that the two brothers are co-authors of Sergio’s death, although the fatal stab wound was the one given by the minor in whose pocket the knife was found, which is considered the weapon of the crime. The popular jury did consider that Donizete had dealt another knife from which Sergio was able to defend himself and which injured him in the forearm.

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