Berlin, the new series based on one of the most iconic characters from La Casa de Papel, already has a trailer and a month of release. It will be in December 2023 when viewers can see a new -but chronologically old- heist, in which part of its images are shot with virtual 3D scenes. A fiction whose creators define as “eclectic and luminous” and that will set a precedent for the following Netflix productions.

In November 2022, the American entertainment company decided to expand the production and post-production center of the Spanish headquarters of Tres Cantos. One of the improvements, which the actors and directors of the new series starring Pedro Alonso have been able to enjoy, is the one that has made it possible to leave behind the popular green chroma, to make way for state-of-the-art technology that allows recording in closed spaces with moving pictures as scenery.

This new way of making fiction has also made it possible to fulfill the wishes of the creators. One of them, Alex Pina, admits that to record the series they played with elements that would not have been possible without a virtual set. “It would have taken us a lot of time and effort to do them outside, and we have put them in here”, he assures, before adding that the result has been a complete success: “The crazy things that we came up with were very big, and it has been very difficult to put this running. There are many months of R&D and I think the result is fantastic”.

The actors have also appreciated the facilities provided by this avant-garde technique. Begoña Vargas, who plays the role of Cameron -an impulsive young woman who acts with her heart-, assures that the recordings on virtual sets help to improve the necessary concentration in the most difficult moments, something that is more difficult to achieve outdoors.

In the reform that Netflix carried out last year, the Madrid facilities were expanded with 22,000 new m2, including 10 sets, 30 editing rooms, two HDR Dolby Vision color correction rooms, a recording booth dialogue rooms, two Dolby Atmos sound mixing rooms and new spaces for make-up, hairdressing and costumes. It is the headquarters of the largest company in the European Union.

Now, the incorporation of other pioneering facilities is beginning to be promoted, such as the first remote editing system in Spain -which incorporates another 30 new rooms and will serve to work on projects from anywhere- or the first global post-production laboratory. At the headquarters, where it has carried out very popular projects such as Money Heist, Elite or Valeria, it will continue to bet on new titles made in Spain.

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