Three years have passed since the declaration of the state of alarm to deal with the covid-19 pandemic. With a balance of almost 120,000 deaths in Spain and several million in the world, we have not learned anything from our mistakes. Where were the good intentions while we suffered the terrible scourge? Has justice been done with a reviled healthcare, which gave everything? Is not the tension and political violence the same or worse? Where is the solidarity of those who earn the most with those who barely make ends meet? If we add to all this galloping inflation and the cruel war in Ukraine, unfortunately we see that things are worse than before the pandemic. What a bad memory we have, that we only react when we see the wolf’s ears. Is fraternization and concord between us really so difficult? Let’s refresh our memory and all those good intentions, for the sake of a more human coexistence.

Francisco Jose Eguibar Padron. Madrid

Not only with the elderly

I am about to cash a check at an office of my bank. They tell me that it’s after 11 and that it can’t be. I go a second time on a Friday before that time and they tell me that it can’t be either; Tuesday and Thursday only. I approach a third time and they tell me that the check has been issued by an office (of the same bank) in another area of ​​the city and that I should go to cash it there, otherwise they will have to charge me a commission of three euros. Is this a decent and acceptable service? Definitely, the bank is losing the North with the elders… and with everyone else.

Joel Rua Ferreno. Ourense

reverse time

Being young, going out, drinking, socializing and having no responsibilities. That’s what we’re supposed to do. And we play by the rules of the game until your mother dies and you wonder about all the time you’ve wasted, that you’ve spent at parties you didn’t want to go to, in conversations with people you didn’t care about, and on trips you only you were going because the flight was very cheap. The times you asked for time from people who didn’t give it to you, and you didn’t realize that you had the only person in the world who would give you all their time without asking. I would just like to tell young people to take advantage of their time, it does not last forever.

Elena Garví Argiz. Vigo

apologies and pardons

We don’t know how to apologize or forgive. We are not used to it, because it is something that is not part of our way of being, of behaving, of understanding life, of understanding ourselves. And when we do it is for convenience, pure, simple and blunt selfishness. I don’t know the reason, I don’t know where this luck of developing ourselves comes from. Now, I do know and I may even be able to squeeze in my hands the rage that each one of us justifies and defends in order not to give up even the slightest in any privilege, understood as a right, that we interpret as ours. Even if that means the pain of the other. Hence, perhaps, that later it is convenient for us to apologize and forgive.

Manuel I. Nanin. O Carballino (Ourense)

By Nail

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