The actors Matthew McConaughey (Uvalde, Texas, 53 years old) and Woody Harrelson (Midland, Texas, 61 years old) announced last March that they will work together again after the success of true detective. This time around, the two will star in a comedy on Apple TV+ from creator David West Read (Schitt’s Creek) which, as revealed by Matthew McConaughey on the Kelly Ripa podcast Let’s Talk Off Camerawill be titled Brother From Another Mother (Brother from different mother). It was during this interview that McConaughey told something that soon became the favorite rumor on the internet: the actor said he was questioning whether he and Harrelson could have some kind of family link following a revelation made by his mother, who claimed to know the father. from Harrelson, perhaps in an intimate way.

Oscar winner for Dallas Buyers Club He began by talking about the friendship that had united him with Harrelson for years, about how inseparable they are and how much they look alike, also physically: “And that is part of our relationship, you know? My kids call him Uncle Woody. His children call me Uncle Matthew. And you see some pictures and my family thinks some pictures of him are pictures of me. Or his family thinks that many of my photos are of him, ”explained the actor, to then continue with the anecdote that has revolutionized the networks. “In Greece a few years ago we were sitting around talking about how close we are and how close our families are. And my mom was there and she said, ‘Woody, I… I met your dad,’” McConaughey continued. “We all noticed the dramatic pause my mom made. And the way she said the word ‘met’. It was a ‘I met’ loaded with meaning”.

It was this mysterious revelation that led McConaughey to investigate his family history: “We did some math and found that (Woody Harrelson’s) father was on leave at the same time my parents were going through their second divorce. In addition, there are some possible receipts from places in West Texas where his father and my mother could have seen or ‘met’,” the actor recounted.

Now it has been Woody Harrelson, who is in full promotion of his next series, The White House plumberswhich will premiere soon on HBO, who has been questioned about this issue during an interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and has confirmed what his friend and colleague already told: “Well, I will only say that there is some truth in this story because when we actually spoke with Matthew’s mother, and she let us know once… I mean This is crazy,” Harrelson began by explaining. “We were in Greece watching the US team win the World Cup and I don’t know, I mentioned something about regrets. And I said, ‘You know, it’s strange that my father doesn’t regret anything. And I’ve known Matthew’s mother for a long time, and she goes, ‘I… knew your father.’ And it was that pause that I found a little worrying or, perhaps, interesting.”

Like McConaughey, Harrelson also investigated and confirms the history of receipts from places where his father and McConaughey’s mother may have met. In addition, he revealed something more about the times of this relationship: “Nine months before the birth of Matthew, her mother was in a kind of break from the relationship she had with her alleged father, Jim.”

To clear up any doubts about the issue, Harrelson has already asked McConaughey to take a DNA test, but the actor is reluctant to submit to the test: “I understand that for him it is much stronger. He feels that it is like losing his father. But I told him: ‘No, you’re going to gain a father and a brother,’ the actor joked. For his part, McConaughey shows reluctance: “Look, it’s very easy for Woody to say ‘Come on, let’s go get tested’ because what does it change for him? For me he’s a little tougher, he’s like… ‘Wait, are you telling me that my father may or may not be my father after 53 years of believing he is?’ I play a lot more.”

Only time and a DNA test will reveal if these two actors, friends and colleagues for decades, are also biological brothers, if it is just a funny anecdote or if it is all a promotional strategy for their next television series together. .

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