The second vice president, Minister of Labor and candidate for the Presidency of the Government for Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, stated this Tuesday that her proposal to create an extraordinary bonus to help families with their mortgage payments would have a fiscal cost of 1,000 million euros for mortgages of up to 250,000 euros and with an age of 10 years.

Díaz, in statements to the Ser chain, has assured that it is a “conservative” calculation and has stressed that the establishment of this extraordinary bonus is “absolutely possible”. “It has been done in Greece, which has frozen mortgage payments, and it can be done here,” he defended.

The second vice president has warned that with a rise in the mortgage payment of 300 euros and a salary of 1,500 euros per month “it is impossible to live”. “And it is not the fault of the citizens, it is the fault of, in this case, a policy of raising interest rates that I do not share,” she added.

In this sense, he has criticized that the Government of Pedro Sánchez does not come out and say that it does not share these increases in interest rates, especially when there are economic organizations that are already warning of the consequences of this monetary policy.

For Díaz, the cost of living is “the main problem” that Spain has right now, with rental prices and the shopping basket “impossible” to assume. “It is an impossible mission to pay rent on a lease. The shopping basket is an impossible mission ”, he denounced.

Thus, he has asked “not to confuse the macroeconomic data with the life of the people”, because although the economic management of the Government is being good and it has done “great” in the fight against inflation, there is social unrest because “people it’s going badly” and that in the end ends up being transferred to the vote of the citizens.

“The financial management is good. Everything is going well (…) But it is true that the inflation crisis has impoverished us all”, pointed out the leader of Sumar, who has denounced, for example, how “burnt out” teachers and health personnel are due to their salary conditions.

Criticism of Feijóo

The second vice president has also criticized the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, for his “ignorance” about the Spanish labor, fiscal and financial reality. “I dare to affirm here that he either does it out of pure ignorance or lies blatantly (…) Mr. Feijóo is not prepared to be Prime Minister or he lies or simply does not know what he is talking about,” Díaz said.

Thus, he has denied that, as Feijóo has said, fewer hours are worked in Spain than in 2019 or that workers whose minimum wage has been raised are going to pay more taxes because personal income tax has not been deflated.

“You have no idea what Mr. Feijóo is talking about in tax terms in Spain. What we have done in the Government of Spain is precisely to lower taxes on salary income of less than 21,000 euros ”, he affirmed.

Díaz has also accused Feijóo of not knowing how the labor market works due to the “mess that has been made with the fixed-discontinuous ones”, he concluded.

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